J. Wesley Wilson

Founder and CEO of Foundations IT. Wes is a business leader and technology enthusiast who thrives on applying the right technology to provide powerful solutions to complex business challenges.

In Office: Wes has leveraged an uncommon blend of Computer Science, Math, and Law into a highly successful consulting practice managing and delivering complex enterprise programs. By day you may find him in the board room working strategy with the executives, drafting contracts with the legal team in the afternoon, and whiteboarding solutions or debugging code with the software developers when everyone else has left for the day. He's managed development teams for software startups, executed a half dozen mergers and acquisitions spanning from $20M to $600M in size, and successfully delivered hundreds of software and infrastructure projects implementing solutions from industry's biggest names.

Out Of Office: You'll find him playing speed chess, hiking, spending time outdoors, and enjoying the unpredictable adventure of raising five teenagers.

Delma Badillo

Delma is the office's organizing force!

In Office: Delma Badillo is a seasoned Executive Assistant with nearly a decade of C-Level executive support experience that she now applies to organize the team through scheduling, book-keeping, accounting, and all the other administrative effort it takes to keep a team moving forward. Delma holds an MBA from Purdue University and is an active member of Alpha Beta Kappa.

Out Of Office: You'll find Delma enjoying local parks, shopping at the mall, sipping Starbucks, and looking for new places to explore and travel with her family.

Lynn Bowen

Executive Consultant. Lynn offers 30 years of technology leadership expertise managing applications development, infrastructure, operations, and helpdesks primarily in the retail vertical.

In Office: Detail oriented, Lynn manages large complex technology projects such as Point of Sale replacements, Ecommerce Infrastructure refreshes, and custom applications development. Working with companies of all sizes, she aligns technology with business needs to deliver challenging and innovative solutions.

Out Of Office: You’ll find Lynn in yoga class, working puzzles, gardening, and cooking up a storm.

Igor Amidzic

Full Stack Developer. Igor is a full stack software developer with a passion for web programming, UI frameworks, and Angular.

In Office: A self-taught software developer near the completion of a computer science degree, Igor has broad web and backend development experience and is an Angular evangelist. Whether he's coding new features, fixing bugs, designing systems, or cultivating new ideas with the team; his favorite place to be is at the keyboard writing code.

Out Of Office: You’ll find Igor in class, working software projects, and at the gym.

Alex Krol

Full Stack Developer. Alex is a full stack developer working with .Net Core, Azure DevOps, C#, and Angular

In Office: Alex has turned his passion for puzzle solving and new technology into a successful career developing software. Applying his Computer Science degree, he spends his days writing new features, designing system architecture, and tracking down bugs and defects. He's also the author of a highly popular Chrome extension for form auto-population.

Out of Office: You’ll find him working as IT for his family, video gaming, watching hockey, playing pickleball, and biking.

Anvesh Bokka

Data Analyst and Senior SCCM Engineer. Anvesh brings consulting experience from Deloitte India, Cognizant, and Foundations to deliver analytical insights and implement action oriented solutions to client business challenges.

In Office: A native of India and a fluent speaker of English, Hindi, and Telugu; Anvesh holds a Masters in Business Analytics and undergraduate degrees in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Offering both management and technical expertise Anvesh is adept at delivering large scale projects and worldwide technology rollouts that require a high degree of automation, technical expertise, and analytical science.

Out Of Office: You'll find him playing cricket, billiards, volleyball, bowling, kite flying, hiking, camping, and cooking.

John Druzba

John is an expert at large scale broadband network rollouts, upgrades, and management. He specializes in working with teams to leverage multiple carriers and cellular technologies to achieve high availability and tight expense control.

In Office: John's been networking companies since the birth of the internet. Over the last three decades he's worked with most of the worlds largest and leading commercial internet service providers on upgrades, rollouts, and conversions. He's acutely aware of the urgency needed in addressing any network issue, whether it's a remote branch office, an overseas location, or a popup store. Beyond his technical excellence, he brings a unique blend of communication skills and humor that let him overcome communication barriers and facilitate effective and rapid support through remote hands and technicians across thousands of locations.

Out Of Office: John leads an active lifestyle running, hiking, traveling, and competitively swing dancing. He's an actor you can find in a variety of comedies and media including Saturday Night Live.

Ellie Kozlowski

Full Stack Developer. Ellie is a rising full stack software developer currently in her second year of Computer Science at the University of Central Florida.

In Office: Ellie is ramping up her career as a software developer through classes, school projects, and professional work. She's excited by improving features, solving problems, and debugging code and is interested in ways to improve applications through testing and great user interface design.

Out Of Office: Ellie competes on the UCF Varsity Programming Team, is a Teaching Assistant, and mentors other women in Computer Science through the ACM-W. She studies dance; performs ballet, modern, and jazz; and loves traveling to New York to watch her favorite Broadway shows.

Marco Martinez

Full Stack Software Developer. Marco is a rising full stack software developer and student at Georgia State University.

Marco is a self-taught software developer who brings a blend of the knowledge and skills he’s learned in college and through his professional experiences. From application to website development, he's taught himself many of the skills he uses today and seeks to tackle future problems through a Computer Science degree from Georgia State University. He has a particular interest in Cyber Security and the engineering of back-end software as the foundation of strong systems development.

Out Of Office: You'll find Marco conquering games such as MLB The Show, spending time with loved ones, or catching a quick nap between work and class.

Federico Baron

Full Stack Developer. Federico is a rising full stack software developer on Microsoft with prior experience in Java and Python.

In Office: Federico is a Computer Science student at UCF with 3 years of experience coding in Java, Python and is a rising full stack software developer. He’s passionate about how people interact with computers and strives to improve user experience through both design and program efficiency. He mostly spends his work-time coding, debugging, and looking for features to add or improve.

Out of office: You’ll find him on a longboard, running, swimming, or cooking food for his friends and girlfriend.